my top iPhone apps πŸ“±πŸŒ΅βœ¨

this might be for women only! these apps go from period trackers, to photo editing apps. Period and Ovulation Trackers Cycles Glow Fertility and Ovulation Tracker Period Tracker- Menstrual Calendar with Ovulation and Fertility Calculator Photo Editing VSCOCAM Polarr instasize beFunky Prisma Mindfulness & Meditation Aura Timeless 7 cups Searching meditations on YouTube works also…

what they didn’t tell me about PTSD

Sometimes us as human beings go through things in life that aren’t usual to us. I, recently, went through an event that didn’t see traumatic at all in the moment. Yes. It was a rough situation but it defiantly didn’t seem ‘traumatic.’ My whole life I always thoughttrauma was from war, abuse, true horrific situations….

my bohemian ootd πŸ„βœŒπŸ»πŸŒΌ

my niece wanted to model with her aunt d, so here is my niece dressed as elena of avalor and cowboy boots. 🌻 and finally, my makeup look for today ✨ more subtle with a little dark gold pigmented eyeshadow and a taupe lip ✨