the hard part about chronic pain & narcotics


i would like to say first that im sorry for no posting lately but i will let you know why in this totally understandable blog post.

okay, so recently, i found out on top of having heart surgery, fibromyalgia, & now heel cysts and possible RA (rheumatoid arthritis) in the same foot as the heel cyst. AT 22. okay. it blows.

BUT! along with creams, anti-immflamatories, the usual maintence meds, narcotics are a gem for people with chronic pain. 

now, i take opiods in flare ups, and the pain going on now. but i have a question? why is it so hrd to aquire the relief you need? i know, laws and regulations, but even with pain management it’s difficult.

pain management in texas is like a needle in a haystack in finding doctors who will prescribe pain medications for fibromyalgia and the like.

another issue? being young with chronic pain and trying to get doctors to take you seriously. these days, with young people getting addicted to all kinds of things, people like us do not get the real help we need in times of serious pain.

but hey! it’s alright. one day fibromyalgia and other chronic pain diseases will be taken more seriously. i hope. but always keep your head up! life is still great, and the bad days don’t last forever! 

have fun & be fabulous! 


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