skin care is the new flare


before i met the wonder of skin care


BeFunky Collage


and after


 BeFunky Collage 2

skin care is something most of us ignore. whether it’s because we’re exhausted before bed, or are on the rush in the morning, we don’t take enough time to really take care of our skin. below are a few products that i use, and will explain.

BeFunky Collage 3

-p.s.- the photos are just things i use personally (you need to use what is best for your own skin type)

Morning Routine

first, facial cleansing always. i personally use my yes to tomatoes charcoal cleanser in the shower. it really deep cleans and makes my face feel fresh and awake. second, i moisturize with either a facial moisturizer, or just a hydrating non-fragrant lotion, then prime my face before applying makeup. night time is where i believe you get the most benefits when it comes to skin care.

Nightly Routine

so to begin, remove that makeup! i prefer to use both makeup remover wipes, plus a facial cleanser. when using the cleanser, try and use a facial wand, or buffer sponge to really get your skin clean.

next, i personally use first a hydrating moisturizer, then a serum. although i am young, i am already using eye rejuvenating cream on my eyes just to make sure i prevent wrinkles. just be ahead of the game. *pause for laughter* i also use my skin fading cream before bed.

on a twice weekly basis, i use masks of all kinds. sometimes, depending on how my skin is being that week, i’ll use a charcoal strip on my nose, a de-stress mask, a peeling mask, or a creamy mask for moisture.

once weekly i exfoliate at night. for my skin, exfoliating too much irritates my skin.

After Results of Taking Care of my Skin

i really only started taking my skin care seriously over the past month, and the photos above are my results. skin care is so important, especially at a young age because it decreases your chance of getting wrinkles at an earlier age than if you ignored your skin. i have no scientific evidence to support that but it’s pretty obvious.

OH! and bee-tee-dubs, don’t always go for the brand name skin care brands. sometimes the off brand works just as great. good luck on your skintastic adventures!



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