what they didn’t tell me about PTSD

Sometimes us as human beings go through things in life that aren’t usual to us. I, recently, went through an event that didn’t see traumatic at all in the moment. Yes. It was a rough situation but it defiantly didn’t seem ‘traumatic.’ My whole life I always thoughttrauma was from war, abuse, true horrific situations.

A week or so later I noticed myself being angry, lashing out for no reason. I also noticed feeling more stressed and hyper vigilant all the time. It’s almost like I’m always on edge for danger. My biggest inclination that I might have some sort of ptsd was the night mares.

The dreams started the initial inclination, but then the nightmares just turned and twisted and became the worst parts of my night. In my dreams, I’d feel helpless, afraid, and alone.  My depression started to relapse and I wasn’t sure how to describe it, so I figured these pictures would help.

Everything I’ve ever been told about ptsd involved bombs and war and sexual abuse, not just a rough situation. I felt ashamed at first for having ptsd, I felt like I hadn’t experienced enough to have ptsd, which led to some feelings of guilt. No one ever told me he true fact on ptsd.

My doctor confirmed ptsd and other than a few medications he said that I should try, I should try some techniques below for stress, panic/anxiety attacks, and feelings symptoms of depression coming on.

If you like guided meditations, YouTube has plenty! Michael Sealy is my ultimate favorite.


When you are so blinded by trauma and stress and then depression that decides to just fall on top of my shoulders, it’s hard to even try to do these exercises, but to get to your good place, you have to try something.

And going to the doctor doesn’t make you weak, and don’t feel ashamed if you think your trauma wasn’t intense enough to get help.

If you have any questions, please email me!


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