when did depression become a fashion trend? 

you see it all the time. the memes, tumblr photos, all over the internet glamorizing or making fun of a serious and harmful diagnosis. don’t get me wrong, its nice to add some comic relief to something that is so serious, but, is that how everyone sees it? young teenagers that are so susceptible to trends, and honestly, i feel like a lot of us fall into sharing these memes without really noticing what the message is behind it. within minutes, i found all of these on my timeline.

do not get me wrong, i share these memes and images all the time, but why? when did we just look past the pain behind the comedy? we do it in real life all the time, where we act funny and make people laugh but no one knows how much you’ve been through in life.


i have gone through some of the hardest times in my life so far. at age 21, i hit rock bottom with severe anxiety and depression. i fought for a long time with both until it got really bad. i ended up having to spend five days a med hospital, where i came to understand what no one else would unless they experienced TRUE bought’s of horrible depression. people all the time are sharing articles and memes that are just making depression look like it’s no big deal, like its normal.DEPRESSION ISN’T NORMAL. true depression is not normal and you need to see a doctor if you have depression. it’s not something you laugh about, it’s not models looking into the ocean during a misty fog, it’s not a buzzfeed article rating how depressed you are with funny gifs. IT’S CRYING AND FEELING ALONE ALL THE TIME AND WANTING TO DIE WITHOUT KNOWING WHY OR HOW YOU GOT THAT WAY.



the only way to help others, and to stop making depression look like the common cold, is to stop sharing and posting the pictures. instead, start posting positive images, funny images and gifs about other things, anything really, but that. once again, i am so guilty of sharing those posts as well, but it sends the wrong message in the end. it makes it look like this is an okay and totally normal emotion.

the only glamorous part of anxiety and depression is when you finally start to get better and remember the sun and how it feels to enjoy life again. that is glamorous.


ALWAYS email me if you need to talk. don’t pretend you are okay if you aren’t. talk to a doctor, or talk to a friend. depression can’t be beat alone.


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  1. Mindfump says:

    I don’t think I agree with you here. I think understanding that depression is more common than people think is a good thing. The fact it is coming out in pop culture shows that the mood is changing in society. That we are more open to it. I’d certainly want it talked about more than less, thats for sure. Although I do think these memes and quotes do not provide enough context/support. Depression is not as new as people think though, the only difference is that people are more open to talk about it. It is a nice post though.


    1. enyaledd says:

      i think because it seems like when people post these pictures making harmful emotion laughable i worry that people aren’t taking their health serious and when it finally gets so bad that they need something done they dont know what to do. i guess thats where my viewpoint comes from.

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    2. Mindfump says:

      I can understand that. I certainly don’t think cheapening the illness is a good thing. I would also agree that memes is not the place to trivialise the issue or to get help.


    3. enyaledd says:

      i very much appreciate your feedback because it makes me a much better person!

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    4. Mindfump says:

      Thank you for writing about it! I always like hearing different views to mine.


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