how to survive being young and married πŸ‘°πŸ»πŸ€΅πŸ»

life after marriage was just

life for young married couples are incredibly difficult. insurance, college, having to pull full time jobs on top of college to pay for housing, food, gas, car payments, car ins., well, you get what i’m saying. at first getting married seemed like such a fairy tale, and it still is, except instead of riding away on a white horse, it’s more like walking away into the thunderstorm of shit with the love of your life.

but let me say this, screw that life.


you know what, everyday, lucas and i struggle our ass’ off to afford our life, but we live BELOW our means. the smartest thing to do when you get married young is to STOP keeping up with your old friends from high school or someone in your college class. everyone is always trying to impress or compare themselves to someone they think is better than them so they try to dress and live just like that or better. when you’re married, that shit doesnt matter anymore.

seriously, marbles is right. find your own style and the best way to be stylish or whatever you want in the cheapest way possible. for instance, lucas and i live in a camper. our good married friends may have homes, and yeah we want that, but were living below our means to make it in other areas of our life. and camper living is so fun. this is an adventure we could have missed out on. also, DIY everything. okay, not everything, but you can save so much money making a lot of cleaning, and beauty supplies.

i’m telling you i have saved so much by just getting on pinterest and searching DIY home and health products. you would be amazed.

one last thing, your career or schooling may take longer than they tell you in high school. take your time, don’t feel ashamed for taking your time. slow and steady wins the race.

but you’ll always be broke when you’re young and married,Β but the top way to get through the tough times is to remember why you fell in love.


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