stay matte foundation review πŸ’πŸ»

okay soΒ this was usually me trying to buy makeup and not having success what so ever with drugstore foundations, especially trying to find a dependable, non-cakey type matte foundation.


but then i found the Stay Matte foundation by Rimmel London.

honestly, i only found it because i had basically given up hope and i was just going for the cheapest foundation and just deal with the ugly consequences. obviously, to my surprise, when i put it on, i was like


so now, it’s been almost a year on and off of using it, so i feel like it deserves a review. first, the foundation was nice and smooth and had the perfect matte texture that equals something you’d by at sephora or ulta.


after putting on powder, i thought it would become cakey because a $3.98 foundation had to have a flaw right? well, surprisingly my skin didnt end up looking like this


so from now on, i always end up buying this foundation and i always end up looking


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