baby fever.. or not

for now, our babies are our pets. and that’s okay. here’s why.. 

okay, so have you ever seen a friend of yours or family memeber get pregnant and youre like, yay so excited! and you truly are excited but on the inside you feel sad? well if youre like me (this sounds like a product commercial) anyway, if you’re like me, and have to wait until you have more money, have a nicer house, finish college, whatever the reason may be.. i may have a little advice for you.

so it is extremely difficult to deal with grief from having baby fever but being unable to have one at this moment.. for me, i usually remind myself that im still young, so i have plenty of time. i remind myself that it will happen when its time. i remind myself that not everyone stays in the finacial or living condition that young people are in forever. 

its so hard to tell yourself that you have time, and its hard to watch all your friends have babies and feeling left behind. but always remember that life changes constantely.

i’m sorry i can’t speak for those with infertility issues but my heart goes out to you. ❤️ 


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