blog about a dog 🐶 

family is not only made up of people, but animals also. as many people do, lucas and i have three children, or.. pets. ssssh.. we dont tell them that. we have Rudy that’s 6, Milada that’s 3, and Eleanor (Elle) that’s 2. theyre all shih tzu’s and we couldnt be happier with them in our lives. although we live in a camper with 3 babies, we make it work. at first, getting them used to peeing outside at our new place was difficult considering they were making messes inside for at least the first two weeks. now, we have gotten them on a schedule, and its so much easier to live in harmony. in conclusion, life with any pet, especially our dogs, is incredible and always an adventure. a shoulder to cryon, a fuzzy coat to cuddle, and a sweet face to give in to during dinner time.

Milada Lou Bias as a baby

Eleanor ‘Elle’ Bias as a baby

Rudy, Milada, and Elle 🐶


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