fibromyalgia mixed with any other ailments

guess what, i have fibromyalgia. fibromyalgia is a condition in which all of your nerves are overactive and also all of your muscles are inflammed constantely. now when put on a treatment plan, medications include: gabapentin, meloxicam, lyrica, etc. now more than not one of the medications for fibro will work and relieve a lot of the pain… until you develop an ailment of any kind. for instance, getting sick, twisting your ankle, allergies, uti’s, these can all make your fibro go into overdrive even while youre on treatment. people mostly think, oh well ill take a narcotic and i’ll be okay! wrong. narcotics are not the answer to fibro or any problems while having fibro. narcotics while having fibromyalgia is just addicting and make you constipated, haha. now, dont feel ashamed of going to an urgent care or ER when pain gets so bad you can’t stand it.. but always follow up with your primary doctor.


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